Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Something I learned from Mickey...

Mickey taught me to take my hat off and expose my head to the sunshine (yes, it is getting a bit sunny in Ireland) for my intelligence, wisdom, and way of thinking to be exposed to the light so they will receive more sunny nutrients and, as a result, having the chance to expose who I am, what I know and what I am capable of to the sun, because by doing that, my resources will shine even more.

What Mickey taught me is true, when we know who we are and can offer, in every possible way, we need to take our hat off (metaphorically and literally) to show that being aware of our own identity is a good signal of our own self-recognition.

So thanks to Mickey I can say convey this message to you:

Do not be afraid to be you...NEVER and ALWAYS be ready to show the REAL you and be humble. That power is in your hands, just make good use it.

So thank you to Mickey for teaching me and others, we can be more than a mouse!


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