Monday, 28 May 2018

Ireland, YES -Tá, you are amazing

Because I am an Irish citizen, I can proudly say I have a little bit of green in my blood.

Coming to Ireland, in search of a better life, has been one of the most crucial decisions I have ever made in my life. After 15 years in Ireland, I can testify this country has embraced me as one of its own.

In those 15 years, I have witnessed how this country has progressed and evolved and it has been great for me to be a witness and benefited from all the great things our Emerald Isle has to offer.

I am happy to live in a country where a Referendum was carried out to ask the people their stand on same-sex marriage. Thanks to that same-sex couple can get married.

I am happy to live in a country where they elected their Taoiseach (the equivalent of a Prime Minister or President in other countries) and he happened to be gay.

There are so many reasons to be happy in this country, but I would like to mention the latest.

A more egalitarian Ireland

On Friday 25th of May, we went to the polls to vote to repeal the 8th amendment of the Constitution to legalise abortion. We showed the world how civilised we are and went to the polls to decide for "their body, their choice". So together we voted YES! and the YES won.

So yes, Ireland is becoming more and more progressive, fairer and more egalitarian. We spoke and our voices were heard, and this fact gives us all a sense of respect and that our voice matter.

Ireland, I am happy to call you my country. You are my house and Dublin my home and Ireland, YES - Tá, you are amazing.


Wednesday, 9 May 2018

I prefer the cheek to cheek fight

Oh yes, I can be a prick, too, but as I am reflecting about life & love, I have to tell this. Recently, I had an argument with my hubby, John, and I went downstairs to sleep on the sofa, but I couldn’t sleep.
Then I went to work without saying goodbye kissing him on his forehead, as I usually do. On the train, I felt discomfort, something was missing. Then, wallowing in my annoyance, in my head I was organizing all things I wanted to say to him. By the time I got to the office, I was exhausted, and I hadn’t even turned on my computer. I had spent way too much energy being annoyed.
So I resorted to a better feeling...Love. I forgot about how annoyed I was and felt better.
I adore myself, but I adore my husband, too. We will never be a perfect couple, but we love each other. I can not conceive my life without him. So the only fight I want to have with him is the one when we use our cheeks, because when my cheek is against his, everything melts away, and that is love.