Friday, 29 June 2018

Flavia's inspiring story

Her story is a celebration of the resilience of human condition. It is a testimony of tenacity, determination and how to survive when we are in danger.

Her story is a celebration of love because when we love our life, our existence becomes the most precious resources we'll ever have.

Her story is part of a prominent project: A book written by the journalist, Sorcha Pollak. The book, beautifully titled "New to the Parish"  is a compilation of several stories about the power of survival and making a choice that can preserve your life and create a human legacy forever.

She was recently interviewed by Broadcaster guru, Marian Finucane, her story is compelling and touching, but I won't give it away, please listen to it for yourself.

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Link: Flavia's story

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Tuesday, 26 June 2018

My Stevie Wonder & Elton John, so much fun



                       Elton John

I hope you enjoy them...


Friday, 15 June 2018

Sam I Told them I know you and I got a discount ; )

First of all, I hope you are keeping well, Mr, Homan - whichever part of the world you are in.

I went shirt shopping (how exciting) for an event I have coming up. I went to this particular, very fancy shop to get a nice shirt and I saw your face all over the shop promoting Jeff Banks. The shop assistant - who was very helpful and, of course, gay said something about your face, but I didn't say anything.

He kept talking about you and I said to myself  'Marlon, just fucking drop it' and I said "I know him" and he goes "You're right" and reiterated "I actually know him"

Shop assistant: "How?"
Me: "My husband used to have a Model Agency and he was part of his international book"
Shop assistant: "Fuck off"
Me: "No, I won't fuck off, it's all true"

Anyway long story, short, I ended up saying "I have the receipt to prove it"

Shop assistant: "No waaaaaaaay"

So I showed him the above picture which I have on my phone and he nearly died hehehe

Shop assistant: "Oh my god, you are gay, married to a man who used to have a model agency and knows the model who is promoting the shirts I am trying to sell you. Honey, you need a discount"

Me, in my head I went "Yeeeesssss"

So there you go Mr Homan, sometimes is good to be influential and more so if you can get a discount hehehe