Tuesday, 24 July 2018

Just FECKING tell them...

I wrote this on Sunday - July 21st, 2018
Today I have decided that my name is love. Today I need to reiterate that I love life so much because life is wonderful. I love ME from here to the sky and back.
Today my name is love: I love my husband so much. He is my everything. He is the center of my life. Even though he is here asking me why am I being annoyingly loving this morning?
I love my family and friends regardless of the distance and lack of contact 😘
I love people. I love my friend Amanda and her two beautiful children, Lukas and Eli, who are part of our lives.
I love Sammy, our dog, the lunatic of the house.
I feel alive because I am able to love.
Today, more than ever, tell your loved ones how much you love them. Just fucking tell them. Simple as!
Today, my name is love. Happy Sunday 



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