Sunday, 29 July 2018

My hubby's Math calculations.

Since our relationship is splashed all over our social media, by now you might have noticed I am the romantic and positive one in our union. Sometimes my hubby, who is the center of my life, has asked me questions like: "Why are you so annoyingly loving today" or "Marlon, tone down the happiness" or "I know we have to see the positive but I want to have a bitch about it".

That's OK, I can live with those comments because I can say that we have a good balance and, perhaps, one of the great reasons why our relationship has survived and will be forever.

So recently as we were sitting in our sanctuary, the living room, watching TV he comes out with this Math, like a true Albert Einstein discovering the Relativity Theory, very serious he goes:

"Marlon you know we have been together for 14 years?"
Me: "Yes I know, I have been with you for that amount of time, why?"
John: "And we have been married for 7 years?"

And in my head, I was going "What's the story with these calculations and numbers?" I got excited imagining a 69 offer was on the plate.

He proceeds to break down his calculation.

John: "Well it means we have been not married for 7 years and married for 7 years, that's 14 years and this will never happen ever again"

As I am hopeless at Math, it took me a while to figure out his calculations, however, I was very hopeful about the 69 offer coming.

Me: "OK, so"!
John: "But you understand this will never happen again?"
Me: "Yes, I think so" and in my head "Where is the offer?".
John: "Well there you go!"

Disappointingly, the offer never happened neither did the actual practice. However, I have to say that no matter how "practical" my hubby pretends to be, I know he cares about those numbers that involve being married and not married. I know he adores me the same way I adore him. And he truly values the loving union we have built together in the name of love.

So cheers to life, love and happiness forever.


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