Thursday, 23 August 2018

Dublin Ireland Virtual Tour 2018



Hello, #marlife audience around the world:

I have to share the below virtual video with you - which shows the beautiful, charming city I live in: Dublin.

I am also sharing this website just in case if you need and want to get more info about the beautiful country Ireland is.

I do not want to talk/write too much, please have a look at what I have provided and you will be captivated by a city and country that has so much to offer.



Sunday, 12 August 2018

This is a complete DISASTER!


I would like to begin this post by using a quote from the movie “Florence Foster Jenkins” starring Meryl Streep & Huge Grant.

“People may say I can’t sing, but no one can’t ever say I didn’t sing”

And I concur...

I do believe dancing and singing are two great ways to express some of the joys life can offer. I am a good dancer, yes I am, the say same way I am a terrible singer. Yes, I am if what I do can be considered “singing” ehhhhhh NO NO NO.

However, that nonexistent talent in me is not preventing me from enjoying to express myself in the way I’d like and love to.

How it all began: The below video is the very first one

Four years ago, I was at home on my own and I had the idea to amuse myself. I thought that dancing and singing was the perfect way to do so. So I did the recording and posted it on Facebook and, oh my god, the reaction I got was unbelievable. I truly was not expecting  it. From then on, to this date, I do it every time I have the chance.

Needless to say, I love it. It gives me so much joy and It is great to see people reacting to something many would think it’s a “brave” thing  to do 😜 

The engagement, the petitions, and the disaster

With a combined over 20 thousand views, great engagement in the form of likes and comments on Facebook - which is where you can post a full video - my fun project is something that keeps me amused. More so, when some of my member's audience have requested me to sing and/or dance certain songs for their own and/or a loved one enjoyment. And if I can do it, I will, of course.

However, I am currently having absolute DRAMA since some of the material I have posted have been either blocked or muted on both Facebook and Instagram @marlife16 - which is an utter and complete disaster. 

Why do they have to punish me in such unmercifulness way?

The below video was muted on Facebook and blocked on Instagram...DISASTER : (


I know it's for copyright reasons, what I find interesting is that I have recorded videos with songs from the 80s or early 90s and they have been blocked. Or songs in Spanish from artists one would not think they are known in Europe or Dublin - Ireland where I live.

Even more amusing is to know that my Stevie Wonder video was allowed to be on - which I am delighted.

Anyway, this is my drama at the moment. But I will continue singing and dancing because I love it, it gives me joy. but more importantly, because of the joy I bring to people.

Let's keep having fun!