Tuesday, 25 September 2018

Take us back to #lanzarote

If you follow mine Facebook  or Instagram @marlife16 - you might have noticed I was with my hubby, John, in Lanzarote. We spent a week in such a nice island where we had a great time.

We got an all-inclusive deal through Trivago and stayed in a place called Lanzasur Club - which we can recommend.

Total relaxation in the sun. Surrounded by a nice and inviting place 

I feel in love with Lanzarote - have a look at the short clip below. You might fall in love, too

If you would like to see more photos of our trip, please feel free to follow my Facebook or Instagram - @marlife16. I promise you won't be disappointed.


Thursday, 6 September 2018

100 million sperm cells and YOU WON!

I gave a #TedTalk in work about 'The Importance Of Being Yourself". One of the things I pointed out was the fact that we are UNIQUES and WINNERS from the moment we were conceived.

Out of 100 million of the sperm cells, we were the healthiest and strongest one to get in, so we won that race.

I would like you to watch the below video to understand that very crucial moment. I hope you enjoy it and I hope it will help you to appreciate even more "The Importance Of Being Yourself".