Wednesday, 10 October 2018

Let's celebrate this day...

For some people, coming out was not easy and might not be easy, but at least we now have a day that celebrates or, let's say, encourage people to come out if they can.

The National Coming Out Day is an annual LGBTQ awareness day observed on October 11 and 12 in some parts of the world.

This is a day that promotes and celebrates equality. A day that celebrates being part of a world that is inclusive and diverse and, as most of us hope, happy.

It is believed that, sometimes, homophobia exists because of lack of information and/or ignorance, and if you know you have loved ones from family members to friends and acquaintances who you could speak to, gay, lesbian, bi and hetero, you might be surprised it is not as hard as you might think it is. If someone really loves you, they will always love you, no matter.

In my personal opinion, I think coming out is a very personal choice when the individual is ready to do so, and nobody should feel this day is a burden if they feel they are not ready to come out. You could, however, take this day to think about you and perhaps to start considering it.

It is up to you, solely up to you and I wish you the best of luck!


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