Tuesday, 13 November 2018


I am happy to say I am an emotional person, yes, I am. I am someone who would celebrate good feelings for whatever reason it might be. I am someone who would try to be friendly with everybody.

Those emotions allow me to recognize and address my feelings. They help me to say "Sorry" if I have made a mistake. To say "I love you" if I need to show my love. To express how loyal I am if I am loyal to something or someone.

I don't mind doing all the above because that's part of my compound as a person. So I feel I am not losing anything at all.


When it comes to protecting me as a person. When it comes to protecting my feelings, emotions and ultimately my sanity (mental health or sanity), I would do anything and avail anything I can to protect those, this the reason why I DO NOT PUT UP WITH BULLSHIT.

I have learned that in life sometimes we need to separate what is moral from what is legal. Sometimes we need to separate love from law because, sometimes, they do not work well together at all.

I have also learned that depending on the circumstances, I will avail what is best for me, only for me, and I will make decisions based on what is good for ME!

So, DO NOT PUT UP WITH BULLSHIT, always live the life the life that represents the best version of you. If you don't do it, nobody else would do it for you.

Did you hear me? : )


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