Tuesday, 27 November 2018

Some Benefits of Adversity

Before going into my topic, I would like to confess I DO NOT in any way at all regret the things I did or said in relation to the recent events in my life. And if I had to do it or say it again, yes I would do and say exactly the same.

Did I act guided by anger and frustration? Yes, I did. Did I lose the civilized and loving me? Yes, I did, but that is OK because I looked for the lessons, and the number one lesson I learned from that experience is that, at the end of the day, I am only human. And I am very OK with being human.

I also think that sometimes when somebody is hurting, as I was (you have not idea how much I suffered), something is everything and for me in those moments anger was something. So I am very happy to have out my anger to good use because I am very OK with facing the consequences.

The beauty of adversity

When I lost my loving mother, later in life, I found this metaphor which I find beautiful to describe some of the benefits of adversity. Think of this:

What does a beautiful diamond, a beautiful, colorful flower, a shining piece of marble and a very symmetrical statue have in common? They have gone through a very harsh process in order to achieve the enchanting beauty the posses and project. In order to now sustain that well-conditioned state of being, they had to go through a 'painful' process first.

So, if I have been able to manage to live a very happy life without the love of my mother, since I was 11, it is for sure, I will be more than OK to continue facing the calamities in life.

This is the best example I have used to be able to translate what adversity could, in a positive way, represent in people's lives.

Some benefits

Well, what doesn't kill us, makes us stronger. This is very true

There is a lot of research in Psychology Today - which is like my bible:

When Adversity Strikes, Optimism Helps Us Get Through

How To Turn Adversity Into Advantage

Adversity and the Creative Mind

and many many more articles.

And remember the next time you are experiencing difficulties in life, don't forget you are just going through the process of becoming a shining diamond.

Thanks for reading.


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