Thursday, 28 February 2019


Even though the banner I have used for this blog can be perceived as funny, this topic for me is not funny at all. And I am sure it is not funny for a lot of people.

I find really hard to accept with have to die and, to be totally honest, I am very terrified by the reality that one day we have to die. I keep wonder why? why? why? But it is hard to find an answer, at least for me.

My beloved mother passed away when I was 11 so, yes, I am HUGELY affected by death, hugely. When you are a happy little boy, like I was, and your mother suddenly dies, that is a very sad, painful, hard reality and that happened to me. So yes, I still cry her death even though I am now 46 : (

Now in adulthood, I have gone through the pain again and again as some beloved ones have passed away in the last 3 years or so. Now more recently, being confronted by the death of a beloved, good friend, Alli Macdonnell, I am still devastated, broken inside, really, and trying to fathom something I was not, we were not, expecting at all.

This blog is inspired by her very tragic passing. I can not understand why? why? why? So so many unanswered questions.

When I said the last "Good bye" to her, I travelled back to when I had to say "Good bye" for the last time to my own mother, and it was very very sad. Since then, I can not stop thinking about mortality. I am here struggling with the idea, or the fact, that one day we have to die.

Death sucks, Mortality sucks and I am not ready for it.

With a broken heart...


Wednesday, 20 February 2019

Happiness is not what it is out there, but what we make of it

This photo has gone viral. When I first saw it, I nearly cried thinking "what a moment, those children are enjoying an internal joy pretending they are taking a selfie with a sleeper."

Then when I kept looking at it, I realised there are so many beautiful messages encrypted in this very tender, powerful moment. I come from poverty so I know what I am talking about, and I have a few lessons or messages to share.

When we are poor and don't have resources, we make every little resource available a source to try to find joy.

We tend to rely more on hugs and kisses because we don't have fancy material things

We believe that happiness is  not what is out there, but the way we perceive it, so even a simple smile can look like the biggest gift ever.

We tend to appreciate more the very little we have, because most of the time it is so difficult to obtain it. So when we get it, we just truly love it.

And like in the photo, those children have in their face that sincere smile of joy created by something it is only in their imagination.

For us all, we should appreciate who we are and what we have because life, even if we live a simple one, is still full of joy.

Let's live, love and laugh.