Wednesday, 13 March 2019

It has its wonders

We should not underestimate the power of social media.

Social media, weather we like it or not, is another way of communication. It is another way to be and stay connected, this reason on its own has power, and that power should not be down-played. I don't, anyway.

And there are plenty of reasons to try to make of social media channels a way to create and propagate goodness:

Social media has helped to solve crimes, the same way it has pissed us off because somebody "did or said" something that according to us "they should have not."

It can be frivolous as it can be very serious. It can be grim as it can be fabulous. It is totally up to us.

Through social media, we have found out when our favourite programs are on, or when our favourite restaurant is displaying a new menu, or where that girl bought that super nice dress; or where my pal got that nice shirt I like and would like to get one, too.


Social media allows us to talk about simple and silly things like our last selfie and very serious things like when the fuck is the UK leaving the EU? hehehe

Do not get me wrong, yes, it has a dark side, but so do have many things in life. And we do not give up life, or at least, most of us, appreciate life for what it is.

So, this opens the question, is social media the issue or the way we use it?

Social media is powerful and let's use that power for whatever you think it should be used, and more so if you use it for great purposes, whatever that purpose might be for you.

I love social media. I have done great things through SM. And I am one of those who will never say 'Facebook is very bad' on Facebook 😉


Friday, 8 March 2019

That's what she said...

This happened very recently.

I had to ring the bank to report a lost card belonged to my husband.

I spoke to three different women, but the conversation with one of them turned from asking security questions to her making a genuine comment that melted my heart.

When I rang I said 'I need to report an item I lost belonged to my husband'

She said: "OK, I need to ask you a few questions, about your husband, for security reasons".

I said "Yes, go on". So she proceeded to ask me the standard questions like: Date of birth, mobile number, and other questions for "security reasons". I answered every question accordingly and she said: "Marlon you need to get John, your husband, to ring and order a new item".

I said "OK, no problem, I will do that", but for some reason I thought "Was she trying to make sure I had a husband" even though I know they are security questions. So I thought out-loud.

"Oh my god, thank god I knew all those answers, otherwise I would have not forgotten myself, after 15 years together".

And she goes "Have you been together for 15 years? WOW fair play to you guys. I am nearly 50 and still looking for love" so I said "What about being in love with yourself?" and she laughed.

My heart melted AWWWWW BLESS

It was one of those moments of realisation and gratitude I was unexpectedly in. It is important to appreciate what I have, and my hubby is my number one appreciation together with Sammy and our eleven fish 😍

Life is good and wonderful...