Wednesday, 30 September 2020

Hello Marlifers,

I posted the below note on my Facebook and LinkedIn to express my gratitude for the support my hubby, John, and I received as a result of being part of the TV series "First Love" on Virgin Media Ireland.

You can watch the episode on Player here.

First of all, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you so much to whoever tuned in to watch the 2nd episode of the series #FirstLove where my hubby and I took part in. The reaction has been incredible both off and online.

Talking about online, I am grateful the internet and social media exist. Social media has been profusely pivotal to promote everything I do. SM has been and will always be part of the channels I have to convey my message and  promote my work. And to talk about us and ME 😂

Thank you to the production team involved in the series. In particular Yvonne Kinsella and Gerry Nelson. It was an absolute pleasure working with you. Thank you for giving us such a great opportunity that I can now add to my media portafolio.

Thank you to my GCN family for always reporting on the external projects I am part of. Thank you guys, I love you.

I am grateful to see the way life keeps smiling at us, as a couple. Our life, like life itself, it’s not perfect, but it is very real. When you truly, really love someone, like the way we do, that is more than #FirstLove.

Lastly, thank you to the haters. Thank you for hating me because you validate my philosophy, that is, if we are able to hate, we will never be able to love. 

Watch this space guys, there is more to come.

Thank you!


Tuesday, 22 September 2020

Getting creative in COVID-19

 Hello Marlifers

It is unquestionable that this pandemic has affected us all. In a way, we have been forced to live under circumstances we were not expecting at all, and oh boy, we have felt the burdens of it. As you might have noticed, I am a happy go lucky kind of guy, but I am not going to lie and, I would like to say, I think I need my life back. I need to get back to normal. I think Covid has taken all that away.

In a way, I feel lucky to realise I have a voice and a platform with my social media and my radio segment for The Power Of Dreams Show on Dublin South 93.9FM, and some people have asked me how am I coping or what am I doing to cope?  And honestly, it has not been easy, but...

So just a few things - tips

I am working from home. For the last seven months, my kitchen has become my office. This has been particularly challenging because I am the type of person who has healthy boundaries when trying to separate home from work, and in this moment in time is not the case.

A way I have tried to use to accept this reality is by enjoying that my husband, who is a great cook, sometimes is in our kitchen, as I am working, cooking a nice meal for us to eat when the working day is done. And it is really lovely!

Cooking is a big thing in our house. I am good at it, but my hubby is the best. He loves it and the passion he put into it when he cookes for me, and in general actually, to enjoy it, gives me joy and a internal feeling of security it is hard to describe, but I love it.

My hubby is great at making a dish from scratches. However...

A couple of weeks ago, I woke up really early and I decided to cook myself a nice breakfast (John is not a breakfast man), and I used the leftovers from the dinner of the day before: Chicken, potatoes and other bits. I made an omellete which was delicious. Even my hubby tried some of it and liked it, too. So I felt it was like a double acomplishment.

To keep it short, when in the house, I can say that cooking has been crucial to survive these times. We are also walking in the park and bringing our dog, Sammy, with us. It has not been easy, but we have compromised in order to survive.

So I guess my advice is try to find to do something or emphasize it that would work for you. Whatever that may be: nitting, cooking, excersing, cleaning etc etc etc. This pandemic can be as much taxing as we might allow it to be. Always always remembering it will not last forever.

Thanks for reading.


Tuesday, 8 September 2020

Happy Birthday Madonna - Podcast


Hey Marlifers

I am delighted to be sharing the #podcast of my celebration to The Queen Of Pop - Madonna. The reception to the show was great which is why I am happy to be sharing the podcast. 

Once again, thank you so much for your unconditional support. I am over the moon. Thank you!

Click on HERE for the podcast


Image by Luis Aviles from Slingshot Graphic Design