Tuesday, 10 November 2020

Christmas time, more than ever, let's enjoy it!

Hello Marlifers

First of all, Happy Christmas, yes I am saying it HAPPY CHRISTMAS.

2020 has been terribly affected by Covid-19. Since March we have been living very strange times. Here in Ireland we didn't have the usual Saint Patrick's celebrations, we didn't have Gay Pride, all the summer festivals were cancelled. All sports events cancelled. We didn't have a summer at all. Basically, since March, we have been at home. Those of us who did have the chance to travel, we did it under very strict measurements. Yes crazy crazy times.

I won't even go into how many people has passed away or how much the global economy has suffered because you already know that, or you can easily find the information online. I am sure a lot of people can not wait to see the back of 2020, and I would not blame them. It's been tough to say the least.

I particularly decided to start celebrating Christmas very early this year. I genuinely think we deserve an very early festive season. So yes Christmas has started in my hear and slowly on my social media. The reason it hasn't started in my house is because my hubby, John, has refused to start putting up the decorations this early. He keeps saying "it's too early, it's too early". Putting the decorations up is his task, otherwise, if it was for me, they would be up this early. 

Anyway, when they are finally up. I am going to make sure you will absolutely know it see photos.

So, as part of showing you how my cheerful Christmas spirit is already in me, I am sharing the below song by a Venezuelan singer called Oscar D'Leon who actually is a salsa singer, but managed to create a beautiful song to celebrate Christmas and its beautiful, sparkling spirit. The song never gets old.

I hope you enjoy it the same way I did singing it, dancing to it, and recording the video.

I will say it again...HAPPY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!

Thanks for reading and watching the video.


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