Wednesday, 28 April 2021

A Year On Radio - WoooHooo


Hello my Marlifers

A year ago, my radio adventure started. 

When my now Executive Producer, Marian Shanley, asked me to take over her radio show, The Power Of Dreams Show, I coul not believe it. I have to be honest and say I was a little bit nervous as I did not have radio experience at all. All Marian knew about me was my cheerful posts on Facebook singing and dancing in my kitchen.

I accepted the challenge and worked hard to produce what I was expected. Of course, her guidence and mentorship have been pivotal for me to my voice on the airways. When I say I worked hard, I would say double hard because I have a very strong accent, sometimes I tend to speak too quickly and some people ask me to slow down. So yes I had, and still have, to pay attention to those small details to speak clearly and be understood. But you know what? I love it.

I put my first takeover together, it aired and the very same day I was invited back for a second takover. Then for a third then for a fourth one until I was offered a regular takeover once a month. So I became a part-time radio host for Dublin South 93.9FM.

One of the highlights of being part of The Power Of  Dreams Show was interviewing one of my idols, Gloria Estefan. I am still pinching myself over it. I was an incredible opportunity and experience I will never forget. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Kevin Murnane for giving me such a great  opportunity.

I continued doing my slot once a month, and little did I know I would be offered to have my own radio show. When the offer was made to me, I could not believe it and still can't believe it, but anyway that's how The Marlon Show happened in less than a year.

I am so happy and so grateful. Marian Shanley thank you for puttin me in this position. Peter Rice who is station and program manager, thanks for believing in me and my talent. To sound engineers Allison James, Al Murphy and Keith Stars, you guys are genious. To Luke Wills, our social media guy, thanks for alwasy having on time the promo for every show.

But more importantly, thank you to my listeners for your unconditional support and for your love. It has been one of the joys of my life, and...

Thank you to my husband, John Compton. Baby thank you for your support and patience. You listen to me going on and on and on and on hehehe. Thank you, you know you are the center of my universe.

The Marlon Show airs every Thursday al 11:00am on Dublin South 93.9FM and after it becomes a podcast on

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